About Us

TL2 is an Executive Leadership Coaching and Leadership Facilitation business that helps individuals aspiring to be leaders in fast-paced, project-oriented environments by providing coaching and training so they can become better and greater servants for their organizations.

TL2 Values

  • To be aware and sensitive to understanding and evaluating our clients and create challenging
  • To provide and accept timely and constructive feedback;
  • To facilitate a healthy and safe coaching environment that enables our clients to grow;
  • To listen actively and openly to our clients;
  • To show energy and passion and to sprinkle with a little humor;
  • To illustrate our best every moment of every day and to bring out the best in our clients.

Meet the Team

Jim Fortner – CEO

My passion is to serve individuals that are eager to move forward and challenge the status quo by embracing the role of being a leader and a lifelong learner. …read more

Fran Fortner – President

As TL2’s support team, my role is to understand the goals, projects, and other deliverables that Jim plans to produce and provide as a result of his workshops. …read more

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