A Simple Path to Team Success

As a team sometimes, we just need little reminders and catchy phrases to ensure everyone is on the same page and sharing the same vision. TL2 has developed a model for building a team and discussing leadership qualities and values that can be shared by the team.

Key Objectives

Defining the following for all team members:

  1. Commitment: Everyone’s agreement to a clear conception of what is needed, a vivid vision, a goal strongly envisioned. In some cases, creating an emotional importance to what we are doing. You hold yourself responsible and assist others in doing the same. You pursue mutual understanding and respect even in the presence of opposing opinions.
  2. Confidence: You take a stand for what’s good and right, even if doing so is unpopular if this is how the goal can be obtained. You show strength of mind and will and believe in yourself. You bring value and help others believe the same about themselves. You make a positive difference. You are always prepared.
  3. Collaboration: You work with others in a common effort. It constitutes the cornerstone value of the group leadership effort because it empowers self and others through trust. This will provide group effectiveness by capitalizing on the multiple talents and perspectives of each group member and on the power of that diversity to generate creative solutions and actions.
  4. Consistency: This is thinking, feeling, and behaving with steadiness, genuineness, authenticity, and honesty towards others. People that are consistent illustrate actions that parallel with their most deeply-held beliefs and convictions.
  5. Character: You walk the talk for being good and doing well. You’ve chosen to be a role model for integrity, ethical behavior, authenticity, and transparency. You have a moral center and radiate positive energy and determination. You’re self-disciplined and treat those with or without power the same.
  6. Compassion: You smile, laugh, and show you enjoy what you are doing. You practice economy of words and when you speak you speak with truthfulness. You care about yourself, your team, organization, community, family and are secure enough to show that you care. You display empathy without sacrificing accountability and ownership. You know when to enforce the rules and when to bend them.
  7. Control: You make the time to communicate and connect with others. You actively listen to them with your head and heart because understanding their point of view is important. You say thank you to someone every day. You share grins and gratitude. You freely share what you know. You listen actively, engage in two-way dialogues, and assure messages are accurately conveyed.


  • By committing to a common goal created a positive impact on team results;
  • By learning the 7C’s creates a more cohesive team;
  • By investing in yourself and believing in others the ROI of the work being done is impacted in a positive manner;
  • By listening to others helps strengthen what a team is doing and how work is performed;
  • By living the 7C’s in the workplace how a culture of an organization can change;

If you believe continuous learning is part of becoming a better leader

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