Building and Leading Amazing and Incredible Project Teams

Understanding team dynamics and how this relates to building and leading an awesome team.

Connecting with the team members, communicating with your clients and ultimately leading a team that is empowered to serve with aspiration.  When establishing teams there are a lot of individual and organizational behaviors that must be taken under consideration and understood. There is no specific method or template that a leader can follow to form that perfect team. The team reflects how the leader leads and understands how important diversity and communication are in building a cohesive and mature team.

Creating and building great teams within a project-centric organization Is vital to implementing successful change.

Key Objectives

  • Establish how important for teams to have a clear purpose, maintain open communication, and appreciate style diversity.
  • When selecting the project team members, project managers need to see beyond accomplishments and credentials.
  • The overall impact of establishing team goals and objectives and defining roles early in a project
  • Collaborating on the creation of a set of simply expected behaviors for Teamwork
  • Building towards team accountability for team members of the group individually and collectively act to promote the timely delivery of the project’s goal.
  • Ensuring the team is making the right decisions


  • Understanding how to build, integrate and lead project teams that will aspire to deliver superior quality
  • Learning where your team is on the maturity curve and how to improve your team
  • Learning what are the important behaviors associated with team maturity
  • How to lead a team through the maturity phases and sustain excellence
  • Learning that mature and sustaining teams of excellence provide extraordinary ROI results

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— Dr. Seuss

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