Do You Want to Manage or Lead? (Courage)

Leading people is comparable to the story about teaching people to fish instead of just feeding them the fish. TL2 believes a good distinction between managing a team and leading a team is the word empowerment. A leader will allow team members to make decisions and create a path to their destiny.

Where a good or even great manager will still enable at times. Look at it this way, do you say, “let me take care of that or I will take care of that?”. If so, what is preventing you from saying, “well, that sounds interesting, I know you have solved issues very similar, why don’t you come up with a solution and share with the team on how this can be resolved?”

There is a huge difference and it does take courage and trust to be able to be someone that would say the latter.

Key Objectives

  • Why leaders need to consider being more of a coach;
  • Creating a climate of trust and empowerment;
  • When mistakes are made how to keep trust in the forefront;
  • How to embrace collaboration when faced with tough situations;
  • How to get from delegation to volunteering;
  • Why leaders that coach must be teachers and understand learning styles;
  • Why one of the most important traits you can illustrate with your team is listening;


  • Developing a healthy team environment that fosters collaboration;
  • Building the appropriate rapport for effective coaching;
  • Learning to listen with an empathetic ear and encourage two-way conversation;
  • Trusting others can build great teams and assist in embracing peer feedback;
  • Confronting tough situations as a team instead of individuals;

If you believe continuous learning is part of becoming a better leader

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