What Happens When You Turn Your Back (Trust)

One of the most overlooked and misunderstood variables in the success of a team is Trust. Trust can have many different levels and TL2 will help your team understand professional trust and the impact on your teams. To discuss conversations and simple daily actions that occur every day in the workplace that provide an opportunity for relationships to be built. How to capitalize on the small moments in your organization that will lay the foundation for a larger purpose — to create a culture built on trusting relationships.

Key Objectives

This workshop and learning session on Trust will be different than other types of workshops since there will be an expectation of openness and sharing to meet the objectives.

  • Understand what trust is to everyone;
  • Understand how building trust is a key piece to transparent communications;
  • Understand how to build professional trust;
  • Understand how trust will make your teams more results oriented;
  • Understand that trusting others will allow you to be empowered;


  • Accepting failure as a learning opportunity instead of spending time pointing blame;
  • Knowing everyone is providing their very best effort;
  • Ensuring that there is no winner when you take credit for others work;
  • Working as a team and going the extra mile to help each other;
  • Rewarding good behaviors;
  • Caring about one another as human beings;

If you believe continuous learning is part of becoming a better leader

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